Last year, we had an exciting time meeting and engaging with a variety of entrepreneurs who displayed their products and services to over 1000 potential clients at the conference. The exhibition was so successful that attendees wished the “businesses could showcase for longer hours”


Well ladies, we heard you!


At this year’s Balance Living Market place, entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to showcase and offer their products and services for sale throughout the conference


What’s in it for you? As an entrepreneur:

  • Your business will gain exposure to over 1000 potential customers
  • You will have an opportunity to collaborate with other complimentary businesses
  • You will learn new and innovative ideas from your interaction and engagement with other businesses


As an attendee:

  • You will receive ready access to various products ranging from health and wellness to beauty
  • You will have the opportunity to network with various business owners
  • You may be inspired to start your own business!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!